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Rhythm & Solo guitarist, with Hardcore background and "Happy Metal Attitude" as Anthrax Style. Creator and founder of the band, he is the most experienced Sinatras figure with his over 20 years of career, 1 tour in US and more than 100 gigs across Europe.

GUITARS: Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty", Les Paul Custom Supreme, Esp Horizon, Schecter Avenger 40th Anniversary.

AMPLIFICATION: Blackstar 100TVP Head, Blackstar S1412B 4x12" Tall Straight Cabinet.

OTHERS: Pickboy Carbon Nylon M 0.88 picks, D'Addario XL 12-60 strings.


• STRANGE CORNER 1993-2013 (Hardcore/Metal)

• ONETHIRTYLATE 1998-2003 (Funky/Metal/Crossover)