MINKIO | guitars
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Rhythm & Solo guitarist, with old school thrash & prog metal background, now open minded also to all metal genres, from extreme black & brutal death to avantgarde, post-rock, djent, stoner, sludge & electronic.

GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul Standard "Cherry Sunburst", Gibson Explorer Black, PRS SE Clint Lowery signature.

AMPLIFICATION: 1992 Marshall JCM800 2203 100w Head, Marshall 1960A 4x12" Angled Cabinet.

OTHERS: Pickboy Meta Carbonate 1.00 picks, D'Addario XL 12-56 strings.


2005-2014 HYPNOTHETICALL (Prog-Metal)

• 1997-2003 AIRHEAD (Bay Area Thrash)

• 2001-2003 MIND WILD (wild HC/Thrash)

• 2003-2005 LASH (Thrash - Drummer)